Keeping you on the move

Tracking over the terrain that defeats more conventional wheeled hauling units

Tracked Dumper Hire was founded in 2000 with just one secondhand 7 tonne tracked dumper.

Today we have a fleet of over 80 self-drive vehicles with carrying capacities from 1.5 to 22 tonnes including standard forward and rear tipping dumpers, swivel skips, HIAB cranes and personnel carriers.

Our fleet includes the following models manufactured by Morooka, Hitachi, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and Kubota :

Morooka Hitachi Yanmar Mitsubishi Komatsu Kubota
MST-300 CG15D C10R LD400 CD30R-1 RG15
MST-300VD CG25D C20R LD700 CD60R-1 RG30
MST-400 CG30 C25R LD1000 CD110R-1 RG60
MST-450 CG35D C30R   CD110R-2   
MST-500 EG40R C40R      
MST-600 CG45C C50R      
MST-600VD CG45D C60R      
MST-700 CG45II C80R      
MST-700E CG45III C80R-1      
MST-800 CG65C C80R-2      
MST-800V CG65D C120R      
MST-800VD CG70        
MST-1100 CG70-3        
MST-1500 CHR70        
MST-1500V EG70R        
MST-1500VD CG100        
MST-2000 CG110        
MST-2200V CG110C        
MST-2200VD CG110SC-D        
MST-3300VD EG110R        

Our head office is in Norfolk but we also have satellite depots in Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, and Scotland to enable us to provide a quicker response time and better haulage costings to our customers.


Some of our machines have been converted to metal tracks by our own fabrication work shop to reduce the amount of rubber track wear and for better working progress on particular sites such as railway cuttings, working on ballast type materials, demolition sites or hard stony ground and woodland areas. The steel tracks eliminate track damage which can occur with rubber tracked machines in these kind of conditions.

The picture on the left shows one of our converted 12 tonne machines.

This range includes TDH80 swivel tracked models, TDH100, TDH120, TDH160 and TDH220 machines.

But our innovation doesn't stop there - tell us what you want a tracked dumper to do and we can make it happen.

Safety first

All our larger machines are fitted with CCTV cameras to comply with health and safety regulations and all of our machines in the fleet have been fitted with flashing light beacons. Reversing lights and buzzers have also been fitted to the larger machines for these reasons.

All standard machines have CCTV, reversing lights and bleepers fitted.

All machines are delivered with operator's manuals which we strongly advise drivers to study before operating.